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          Bionix Disposable earrings

          For the safe removal of cerumen

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          Package: 75 piece(s)

          Selection: Complete set

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          Disposable earrings from Bionix

          The disposable ear curettes from Bionix are suitable for thorough ear examination and cleaning of earwax. These ear curettes are made of flexible plastic and have soft edges and precisely designed loops and spoons. The color coding facilitates correct selection in everyday practice.

          Product details

          • Disposable ear curette set for ear cleaning
          • Safe and patient-friendly
          • All-purpose curette: FlexLoop (4 mm, white)
          • For adults: CeraSpoon (4 mm, yellow), ControLoop (4 mm, orange) and AngleLoop (4 mm, red)
          • For children: VersaLoop (3 mm, purple), InfantScoop (2 mm, blue), MicroLoop (3 mm, green)
          • Small sizes, especially suitable for use with children
          • Material: Flexible plastic
          • Non-sterile
          • Ear curettes à 50 pieces in the selected size or complete set consisting of: 15 pieces Fig. 1, 10 pieces each Fig. 2-7 (75 pieces)

          Shapes and colors

          The oval loop of the white FlexLoop is an all-purpose curette, for normal curettage in a wide range of patients. For adults, the curettes in the 4 mm size are particularly suitable. The yellow CeraSpoon is perfect for softer cerumen and the red AngleLoop has an angled tip that can be used in hard-to-reach areas. The orange ControLoop has a Shapleigh-style loop that can be used to pull wax directly from the ear canal. For pediatric use, the small shapes of the Bionix ear curettes are popular. With a diameter of 3 mm, the loops of the purple VersaLoop and the green MicroLoop are easy to guide. They offer the patient a painless treatment. The blue InfantScoop is particularly small at 2 mm and can be used with an otoscope.

          Scope of delivery

          • 50 Bionix disposable ear cures in the selected version or 75 Bionix disposable ear cures in a complete set
          Properties: sterile
          Product Type: Disposable Instruments

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          This item is not eligible for returns.

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