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          Tekno-Medical Sharp Spoon

          sharp spoon after Volkman

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          Sharp Spoon from Tekno-Medical

          Volkmann sharp spoon is a surgical spoon with particularly sharp ground edges. The "Volkmann" model is one of the most popular when it comes to sharp spoons. These surgical instruments are very suitable for scraping off tissue overgrowth and scraping out bone cavities.

          Product Details

          • Sharp spoon straight, according to Volkmann
          • Spoon shape: oval
          • Quick and easy to clean, disinfect
          • Sterilizable
          • Stainless
          • Material: Stainless steel according to DIN EN ISO 7153-1
          • Length: 20 cm
          • Available in various designs

          Sharp spoons are effective instruments

          The sharp spoon is a surgical instrument that was developed as early as 1910 by a surgeon named Carl Partsch. Initially, these instruments were actually used for dental and dental surgical procedures. The variant of the instrument offered in the DocCheck Shop, however, is intended for curettage. Since they are sharp spoons according to Volkmann, these instruments are therefore primarily intended for use in other areas, such as dermatology. Here, the spoon can be used to remove warts and skin scrapings. In surgery, for example, the Volkmann spoon can be used to scrape out bone cavities. Stainless steel can be easily sterilized and naturally disinfected, thus ensuring hygiene. In curettage, the spoon is particularly convincing because it is easy to handle. This is due to the grooved gripping surfaces, which make the sharp Volkmann spoon easy to hold.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Tekno-Medical Volkmann sharp spoon in the selected version
          Product Type: Reusable Instruments