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          HARTMANN Peha Instrument Anatomical Pinzette


          SKU: 112573
          Package: 25 piece(s)

          Selection: steril, 14 cm

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          Peha Instrument Anatomical Pinzette from HARTMANN

          The Hartmann Peha-Instrument Anatomical Forceps has a curved design in this version as a disposable instrument. Anatomical forceps are narrow and finely tapered, but blunt. This anatomical forceps, like anatomical forceps in general, has transversely grooved forceps legs in the working part.

          • Disposable instrument made of brushed steel - especially hygienic
          • Length: 14 cm
          • individually labeled - facilitates documentation
          • sterile packed 5 years shelf life

          Forceps basically consist of 2 halves that are pressed together to grasp, hold tissue. When the pressure of the fingers is released, anatomical forceps spring directly back to their original position. The gripping surface of the anatomical forceps is finely grooved in the front area of the forceps legs, so that the disposable forceps lie well in the hand and the instrumentant's hands do not slip off, even with moistened gloves.

          There are basically 3 types of forceps:

          • anatomical forceps
          • surgical forceps
          • atraumatic forceps

          Anatomical forceps are characterized by the fact that they are generally blunt and have transverse grooves in the working part. As a result, the blunt anatomical forceps must be squeezed particularly hard if tissue is to be grasped and also held. If you hold the tissue with anatomy tweezers, the held material is squeezed. This makes such tweezers unsuitable for very fine, delicate vessels. However, the tighter a pair of tweezers is, the more likely they are made to grip without much pressure. This means that anatomical forceps are also suitable for gripping without traumatizing. Pointed anatomical forceps therefore offer a way of working in visceral surgery without using atraumatic forceps.

          Hartmann's anatomical forceps are disposable instruments. Disposable instruments are the efficient alternative to time-consuming and costly reusable instruments. Since disposable instruments can be used individually and disposed of directly, they save on acquisition and follow-up costs for autoclaves, foil sealing devices and reusable instruments themselves. Personnel and material costs that would normally have to be used for reprocessing surgical instruments are also eliminated when using disposable instruments. By eliminating sterilization, the time saved can be used efficiently. Compliance with hygiene regulations and requirements is also facilitated by single-use instruments - liability is transferred directly to the manufacturer of the single-use instruments. The single use and accurate labeling of surgical instruments makes medical documentation much easier.

          Contaminated disposable instruments can be collected and disposed of in the same way as commercially available reusable instruments. The plus: steel is recyclable!

          The advantages of disposable instruments at a glance

          • no responsibility, no liability for inadequately prepared reusable instruments
          • no cross-contamination
          • no permanent costs for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, packaging and personnel
          • no acquisition costs for autoclaves and film sealing devices, no follow-up costs
          • no loss of time due to unavailable or not yet sterilized reusable instruments

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 package Hartmann Peha-Instrument Anatomical Forceps
          Properties: sterile
          Product Type: Disposable Instruments

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          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.