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          Cryoalfa Cryoalfa Lux

          With tip for liquid freezing

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          Model: With tip

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          Cryoalfa Lux from Cryoalfa

          Pain-free treatment of lesions on the skin? With the LUX from Cryoalfa, painless and scar-free everyday dermatological indications are possible in your practice. Its handy format - just like a ballpoint pen - fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to operate. The Flowstop single-lever technology makes the LUX even more user-friendly.

          Cryoalfa LUX - At a glance

          • Simple and safe operation
          • Flowstop single-lever technology
          • Exceptionally precise application at a constant working temperature of -89 °C
          • Fits in the hand like a ballpoint pen
          • Suitable for almost all skin lesions
          • Scar-free, painless, fast and safe
          • The capsules with built-in valve are filled with sterile liquid N2O gas
          • One cartridge is enough for about 30 treatments
          • The device is available in different versions

          LUX - Precise and safe work

          The LUX belongs to Cryoalfa's multi-devices and is suitable for extended applications in cryosurgery. The comfortable handling of the LUX allows you to perform millimeter-precise treatments of skin lesions while constantly maintaining the low working temperature of -89 °C.

          The LUX is available in two different versions in our store:

          • LUX with tip. Here, the liquid gas N2O contained in the cartridge is applied directly to the lesion with the glass tip, thus treating it. This process is called "liquid freezing".
          • LUX with closed applicator. Here, the liquid gas is impinged into a gold-plated brass plunger and this is cooled down so that it can be placed on the lesion. This method is called "contact freezing".

          So with this Cryopen you are well prepared to treat different types of warts, nevi, sarcomas, condylomas, hemangiomas, basaliomas, keratoses, precancerous lesions, as well as senile and malignant lentigines.

          In ophthalmology, the Cryopen can also be used to treat eyelid tumors and spinaliomas with high precision. The cold has a sterilizing effect and causes no pain. In addition, the Cryoalfa LUX can be steam sterilized and it has a real gold coating, which has an antibacterial effect.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Cryoalfa LUX with selected tip
          • 1 N2O cartridge
          • 1 shockproof box
          • 1 instruction manual

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          This item is not eligible for returns.

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