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          Zepf Medical Instruments Retractor

          Volkmann hook sharp or blunt

          SKU: 159288
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: sharp, 1 hook

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          Retractor from Zepf Medical Instruments

          Zepf retractors - Keeping open completely "without hooks"

          Zepf retractors do not have a proverbial hook, they are hooks. In order to keep the surgical field open enough to reach the organ of success, different hooks, sharp, semi-sharp and also blunt, are needed. Choose one-sharp, two-sharp or three-sharp hooks to have the right "Volkmann hook" on hand for each procedure.

          • Volkmann stainless steel retractors
          • available in different versions
          • either sharp or blunt
          • available as one prong, two prongs or three prongs

          Retractors - Retractors for the best access to the surgical field

          The retractor is a good way to keep the surgical field open. At DocCheck you will find a selection of different instruments for this purpose - hooks with one, two and three prongs. This allows you to choose the appropriate retractor for your particular needs. Such surgical instruments are available as sharp hooks and blunt retractors. If the retractor is blunt, these retractors have flat "blades." This allows them to hold structures away without injuring them. This variability of retractors allows you to customize your instruments for surgery.

          Scope of delivery

          • Retractor sharp or blunt - as one-, two- or three-prong retractor