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          Dressing change set

          Incl. tweezers & compresses

          Dressing change set
          Order number: 118668
          Package: 15 piece(s)

          Variant: Dressing change set 1

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          Dressing change set from Fuhrmann

          Each Fuhrmann set contains the appropriate materials and instruments for an individual sterile dressing change. The dressing change sets are ready for immediate use. This shortens preparation time and optimizes workflows. In clinics, emergency rooms, outpatient departments, medical care centers and doctors' practices, the disposable sets are a cost-effective alternative to reusable instruments and are ready to hand immediately in an emergency. The dressing change sets are also ideal as basic equipment for doctors' cases or emergency bags.

          Product details

          • Sterile small sets for individual dressing changes
          • All components packed ready for use
          • Instruments for single use
          • No risk of cross-contamination
          • Clearly labeled as disposable product
          • For simplification of workflows
          • Individually sterile packed
          • Various sets available

          Pre-packaged care sets for sterile dressing changes

          The Fuhrmann complete sets contain all the necessary components for hygienic wound care. Each set is shrink-wrapped in peel packaging. The contents are additionally wrapped in a protective pad that serves as a sterile work surface for the materials. This allows the utensils to be arranged for optimal dressing change without long preparation time. The preconfigured set ensures reliable hygiene and reduces costs, as no reprocessing is required.

          The dressing change set 1 contains high-quality disposable instruments made of metal and material for the sterile change of wound dressings.
          Disinfection or rinsing solution can be provided in the included plastic tray. The set includes loop gauze swabs and gauze compresses for disinfecting, dabbing and cleaning the wound. The forceps help clean the wound and can be used to apply the new dressing materials. The surgical scissors can be used to customize the wound covering and dressing.

          Scope of delivery

          • 15 Fuhrmann dressing change set 1
          • Contents per set:
            • 1 protective pad, 60 x 60 cm, 2-ply
            • 1 plastic cup, 500 ml
            • 1 plastic cup, 120 ml
            • 3 loop gauze tuper, 20 x 20 cm
            • 2 gauze compresses, 10 x 10 cm, 12-ply
            • 1 pair of scissors, surgical, blunt/pointed, curved, 14.5 cm
            • 1 forceps, surgical, standard, 14.5 cm
            • 1 forceps, anatomical, 14.5 cm
          Product Type: Disposable Instruments

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