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          Bionix ClearLook Lighted LED ear curettes

          Ear-cleaning instruments with an ergonomic handle for better visualization

          SKU: 102651.0
          Package: 50 piece(s)

          Version: FlexLoop (4 mm)

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          (€1.90 / 1 piece(s))
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          ClearLook Lighted LED ear curettes from Bionix

          The ClearLook Lighted LED ear curettes from Bionix are used to clean the ear canal. The curved handle of the Bionix ClearLook Lighted ear curettes allows for precise visualization of the ear canal and keeps your fingers outside the line of sight, allowing for precise cleaning of the ear. The tip of the single-use curette is illuminated by an LED light inside the handle. This means that the curettage of the ear canal does not require an additional lamp. To facilitate safe treatment, reference markings are carved into the curette to prevent it from penetrating too far into the ear canal.

          Product details

          • Ear curettes with unique handle design for a natural and comfortable grip
          • Ergonomic finger placement outside the line of sight
          • Bright curette tip thanks to integrated LED lighting
          • Reference markers help control how far the curette is inserted
          • For removing cerumen (ear wax) without leaving any remnants behind
          • Light automatically turns off when removed from the curette
          • Reusable light source that will last for at least 50 treatments
          • Every package includes a clip-on magnifying glass and a reusable light source
          • Color: transparent
          • Unsterile
          • Available in different versions, each in a set with 1 magnifying glass and 1 light source:
            • InfantScoop (scoop, tip width: 2 m)
            • MicroLoop (loop, tip circumference: 3 mm)
            • VersaLoop (narrow loop, tip width: 3 mm)
            • AngleLoop (angled loop, tip circumference: 4 mm)
            • FlexLoop (narrow loop, tip width: 4 mm)
            • Variety Pack (includes all 5 versions)

          How the curettes work

          The single-use curette automatically turns on the light source when attached to it. The light from the LED light source is directed through the special, transparent handle and into the tip of the curette, allowing you to see every piece of cerumen and every foreign body during the examination. The ergonomic design of the ClearLook Lighted ear curette allows for easy handling. Similarly to an unlit instrument, the curette is held like a pen for maximum control. The fingers cover the transparent shaft of the curette without interrupting the flow of light. After use, the single-use curette is detached from the light source and disposed of. The reusable LED light source can be attached to a new curette for the next treatment. For an even better view, a reusable clip-on magnifying glass is also included.

          Package contents

          • 1 set of Bionix ClearLook Lighted LED ear curettes, containing:
            • 50 ear curettes in the selected version
            • 1 LED light source
            • 1 clip-on magnifying glass

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