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          ClearLook Lighted LED-Ohrkuretten

          Ear sling with ergonomic shaft for better visibility

          Article ID: 102651.0
          Package: 50 piece(s)

          Model: FlexLoop (oval loop pointed, 4 mm)

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          ClearLook Lighted LED-Ohrkuretten from Bionix

          The ClearLook Lighted LED ear curettes from Bionix  are used to clean the ear canal. For precise visualization of the ear canal, the handle of the Bionix ClearLook Lighted ear curettes is curved. The fingers are out of the line of sight so that ear cleaning can be performed precisely. The tip of the disposable curette is illuminated by an LED light in the handle. Therefore, an additional lamp is not required for curettage of the ear canals . For safe treatment, reference markings are notched into the curette to prevent it from penetrating too deeply into the auditory canal . 

          Product details

          • Curettes with special handle design for natural, comfortable grip
          • Ergonomic finger position out of line of sight
          • Bright curette tip due to integrated LED illumination
          • Reference markings for checking penetration depth
          • For residue-free removal of cerumen (earwax)
          • Light switches off automatically when curette is removed
          • Reusable light source lasts for at least 50 applications
          • Various curette shapes:
            • FlexLoop (oval loop pointed, 4 mm)
            • VersaLoop (oval loop, 3 mm)
          • Incl. reusable light source and magnifying glass
          • Color: Transparent
          • Non-sterile
          • Available in different variants

          How the ear curettes work

          The disposable curette is placed on the light source and activates the illumination. The light from the LED light source is directed through the special transparent material of the disposable curette directly into the tip of the instrument, making any debris or foreign body visible during the examination. The ergonomic design of the ClearLook Lighted Ear Curette allows for easy handling during ear cleaning. Like an unlighted instrument, the curette is guided in a pen position for maximum control. Fingers cover the clear shaft of the curette without interrupting the light stream. After use, the disposable curette is removed from the light source and discarded. A new curette can be attached to the reusable LED light source for the next application. For even more clarity, a clip-on magnifying glass is included, which can also be reused with a new curette.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 set Bionix ClearLook Lighted LED ear curettes contains: 
            • 50 ear curettes in the selected variant
            • 1 LED light source
            • 1 clip-on magnifier

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.