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          Haeberle Kreppfix Tongue Swabs

          tongue swabs for the ENT doctor

          Kreppfix Tongue Swabs
          SKU: 182539
          Package: 6 piece(s)

          Selection: 25 m per Roll

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          (€3.16 / 1 piece(s))
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          (€2.66 / 1 piece(s))

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          Kreppfix Tongue Swabs from Haeberle

          KREPPFIX Tongue rags are the perfect accessories for endoscopic examinations. The tongue paper can be practically removed from the roll and is made of high-quality medical crepe. This makes the tongue flaps perfectly suited for hygienic fixation of the tongue so that there is a clear view of the nasal and pharyngeal cavity during the examination.

          Haeberle KREPPFIX Tongue Pads - At a glance

          • Medical crepe tongue flap Kreppfix
          • Practical to use by means of rolls
          • Packed ready for use
          • Pre-perforated - for quick use
          • Highly wet-strength
          • Stretchable - stretch from 15 to 26 cm
          • Roll width: 60 mm
          • 90 mm Ø
          • 25 m total length
          • Length per single sheet approx. 160 mm
          • Kreppfix dispenser box available separately as an accessory

          Kreppfix - tongue crepe with "practice factor

          "Practice" does not mean here that the tongue crepe can only be used in the general medical practice - on the contrary. It means that the medical crepe from KREPPFIX is so practical that it can also be used perfectly in the clinic. One package KREPPFIX tongue paper contains several rolls, which can be "posted" in different examination rooms. Each KREPPFIX roll is about 60 mm wide and has a Ø of 90 mm. This makes the tongue paper an ideal accessory for many medical areas. Unlike many other dressing materials, the tongue crepe is already pre-perforated at a distance of 150 mm between the individual tongue flaps. With several rolls per pack, you are therefore well equipped and ready for use at any time.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 pack of Haeberle KREPPFIX rolls