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          BD BD Seditainer System


          BD Seditainer System
          SKU: 120113
          Package: 100 piece(s)

          Selection: BD Seditainer System, 120 mm x Ø 10 mm, schwarz

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          BD Seditainer System from BD

          The BD Seditainer system is the ideal means for blood sedimentation without sedimentation pipettes. You draw the blood directly into the Seditainer tube, which makes the BSG particularly hygienic and safe. The entire BSG reaction takes place in the BD Seditainer.

          • BD Seditainer tube
          • reliable "Capillary Blood Collection" system
          • without blood sedimentation pipettes
          • closed manual blood sedimentation rate (BSG) analysis
          • economical and time-saving
          • hermetically sealed - practically no risk of infection
          • Blood sedimentation tubes: 3276 SV 15, black
          • Vacuum: 5.2 ml
          • with 1.3 ml sodium citrate solution
          • Filling quantity: 5.0 ml, 120 mm x Ø10 mm
          • Delivery without sedimentation stand

          BD Seditainer tubes - BSG without pipette thanks to Seditainer system

          BD Seditainer tubes are easy to use. They are filled according to the BD Vacutainer principle, an efficient blood collection principle. Without a pipette, blood sedimentation takes place immediately in the Seditainer. Afterwards, the BSG tube is no longer opened. Thus, the contents are hermetically sealed and the BSG is performed hygienically and cleanly. All steps of blood sedimentation, from blood collection to sedimentation test to disposal of the Seditainer, can be performed with the level of hygiene required for BSG.

          Vacutainer Seditainer method - better than BSG according to Westegren?

          In terms of ease of handling, the Seditainer BSG is absolutely equivalent to the method according to Westergren. Likewise, the results of the Seditainer blood sedimentation are by no means less precise. The reference method recommended by ICSH (International Committee for Standardization in Hematology) has been compared with the Seditainer method. The BD Seditainer tube performed reliably.

          How to use BD Seditainer for blood sedimentation?

          First, blood is drawn from the patient. After blood collection, mix the contents of the BD Seditainer by swirling or gently shaking the Seditainer tube 8-10 times overhead. Then you just have to put the tube into the BD Seditainer BSG stand and set it to the zero mark. After 1-2 hours you can read the sedimentation value exactly.

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          • BD Seditainer in the indicated quantity

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