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          Hecht Assistent


          counting-chamber with double subnet

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          Selection: Fig. 1 - division after Thoma

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          Counting-Chambers from Hecht Assistent

          Counting-chambers by Hecht Assistant, available in variations after Thoma, Thoma new, Neubauer and Fuchs-Rosenthal.

          Neubauer counting-chamber

          The Neubauer counting-chamber is an approx.30 mm x 80 mm in size and approx. 5 mm thick glass-plate with a middle-area that is lowered by a defined amount, on which square fields in defined sizes are etched. It is used for counting all types of particles, especially cells and micro-organisms in medicine and biology.

          Thoma counting-chamber

          The Thoma counting-chamber (new) is like the Neubauer counting-chamber without defined corner-squares and with different limit-display.

          Fuchs-Rosenthal counting-chamber

          The Fuchs-Rosenthal counting-chamber has 16 large squares with 1 mm side-length each, and a chamber-height of 0,2 mm.

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          - 7 Jul 2017