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          WiduMed Ready-to-use culture medium

          Agar culture media for microbiological cultures

          Ready-to-use culture medium
          Article ID: 116865
          Package: 20 piece(s)

          Model: Selective agar for pathogenic fungi

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          Ready-to-use culture medium from WiduMed

          WiduMed culture media are ready-to-use agar plates for the cultivation of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Ready-to-use solid agar culture media are supplied fresh in Petri dishes and are suitable for various applications.

          Product details

          • Pre-prepared culture media for microbiology
          • In round Petri dishes with lid
          • For cultivation of microbiological samples
          • High quality standards for optimal results
          • Storage temperature: 8 - 15 °C
          • Package size: 4 x 5 pieces, sterile sealed
          • Not suitable for clipping tests
          • Available in different versions

          The different culture media

          • Selective agar for pathogenic fungi: For isolation and identification of fungi, especially conidia, optimal growth conditions of the growth forms important for diagnostics
          • Candida selective agar according to Nickerson: For isolation and differentiation of fungi (Candida and other yeasts) by brown-black staining, inhibition of accompanying flora by bismuth-sulfite indicator
          • Sabouraud-Glucose 2 % agar: For isolation and identification of pathogenic molds, dermatophytes and yeasts, inhibitor-free culture medium with high glucose concentration
          • Dermatophyte agar according to Taplin: For isolation and differentiation of dermatophytes, unmistakable color change for differentiation from other fungi
          • Fungal agar according to Kimmig: For the cultivation of fungi (Candida albicans), low pH-value
          • Müller-Hinton Agar: For testing the sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics and sulfonamides, as well as for cultivating Neisseria and Moraxella
          • MacConkey Agar: For isolation of bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella and coliform bacteria, gram-positive flora is largely inhibited

          Scope of delivery

          • 20 WiduMed ready-to-use culture media in the selected version

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          This item is not eligible for returns.

          Further information

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