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          Culture slide medium for detecting bacteria

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          Selection: Uricult plus

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          Uricult/plus from Roche

          The Uricult/plus immersion culture media are for the determination of germs in urine. Because the bacterial count in urine can be determined so quickly and easily with Uricult and Uricult Plus culture media, these forms of the immersion test are also ideal for use in the practice. For reliable determination of the germs, simply immerse the nutrient medium carrier briefly in the urine sample and warm the sealed tube in an incubator at 36 ± 2°C. The result is a good, reliable and stable urine sample. After 16 to 24 hours, a clearly readable result of the test using urine culture medium is available.

          Uricult/plus Immersion Culture Media - At a glance

          • For bacteriological urine diagnostics
          • Clean and efficient
          • Sample material: urine
          • Test result after 16 - 24 hours
          • Semi-quantitative test
          • Available in two different versions

          Uricult/plus immersion culture medium - The details

          It does not always have to be the urine sample! You can simply use the culture media as a transport medium if you do not want to or cannot perform the evaluation of the immersion test directly in the practice. The culture medium can be incubated or sent to the laboratory directly after culture without incubation in order to have the germ identification, counting and resistance determination carried out there. The not inconsiderable multiplication of germs that frequently occurs when urine is shipped can be avoided with Roche Diagnostics urine culture media. This minimizes the falsification of test results. Two different variants of the culture media are available:

          • Uricult ready-to-use culture medium: This soil has a CLED agar and a MacConkey agar. This allows pathogenic germs to be detected in the urine.
          • UricultPlus ready-to-use culture medium: This soil not only has a CLED and a MacConkey agar, but also an Enterococcus agar for the determination of pathogenic germs in urine.

          Scope of delivery

          • 10 Uricult/plus immersion culture media in the selected version

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