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          Roche Uricult / Uricult plus immersion culture medium

          Ready-to-use culture media for bacteriological urine diagnostics

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          Uricult / Uricult plus immersion culture medium from Roche

          The Uricult and Uricult plus immersion culture media from Roche are used for the determination of pathogenic germs in urine. The rapid test result makes the ready-to-use culture media particularly suitable for bacteriological urine diagnostics in the doctor's office. If the analysis is to be outsourced, Uricult can also be easily used as transport medium for further examination in the laboratory.

          Product details

          • Ready-to-use culture media for bacteriological urine diagnostics
          • Semi-quantitative test with test result after only 16 - 24 hours of incubation
          • Reliable control of the success of antibiotic therapy
          • Also suitable as transport medium for further analysis in the laboratory
          • With optional 2 or 3 applied agar media
          • Uncomplicated handling
          • Available in different versions

          Fast application in 5 simple steps

          Unicult from Roche is particularly user-friendly in handling and provides a precise result in a short time.

          1. Unscrew the cap and remove the lid together with the culture medium.
          2. Immerse the ready-to-use culture medium in fresh midstream urine until the agar surface is completely wetted. 
          3. Allow excess urine to drip off and screw the test strip back into the tube.
          4. Fill in the corresponding patient label and stick it on the test tube.
          5. Store the collected urine sample in the incubator for 16 - 24 hours at 36 ± 2 °C for development.

          Uricult immersion culture media

          For reliable results in bacteriological urine diagnostics, each Roche Uricult ready-to-use culture medium has 2 different agar media that form the basis of precise analysis.

          • One side of the culture medium is coated with greenish CLED agar . This serves as general culture medium for precise determination of the general microbial load.
          • The other side has reddish brown Mac Conkey agar. This enables the growth of Gram-negative bacteria in colonies up to the size of a pinhead.

          Technical details

          • Sample material: midstream urine
          • Reference method: Casting plate
          • Agar medium: CLED culture medium (general culture medium)
            • Number of samples: 140
            • Sensitivity: 100
            • Specificity: 99 %
            • Positive predictive value (PPW): 98 %
            • Negative predictive value (NPW): 100

          Delivery contents

          • 10 sets of Roche Uricult immersion culture media, each consisting of:
            • 1 ready-to-use culture medium with 2 agar media
            • 1 patient label
          • 1 instruction manual

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