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          BRAND Transferpette S, Type Fix

          Type Fix pipette with one-hand operation

          Transferpette S, Type Fix
          SKU: 157573
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Volume: 20 µl

          €178.38 inc. VAT*
          €149.90 ex. VAT*

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          Delivery 17 to 20 days

          The delivery will take place between the 17.05.2024 and 22.05.2024

          Transferpette S, Type Fix from BRAND

          Transferpette S plunger-pipettes are the result of intensive ergonomic- and usage-studies and the application of new, innovative ingredients. Transferpette S models are the perfect manual pipettes for demanding applications in the laboratory.

          They possess all properties required by users in the Life Science fields: robustness, one-hand operation, completely autoclavability, high accuracy and easy calibration technology for long-lasting reliability.

          With the one-channel pipettes, 8 models of Type Digital and the Type Fix are available for the range of 0,1 µl to 10 ml. With multi-channel pipettes, one can already choose among 5 different devices in the volume range of 0,5 to 300 µl.

          • central pipetting-key
          • separate disposal-function
          • relieves the hand through finger-hooks
          • completely sterilizable at 121 °C (20 min.)
          • plunger and remover corrosion-resistant
          • color-code for fitting pipette-tip