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          Hecht Assistent Counting-Chambers

          counting-chamber with double subnet

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Fig. 1 - division after Thoma

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          Counting-Chambers from Hecht Assistent

          The counting chambers are used for cell counting under the microscope. They are used, for example, when counting leukocytes or erythrocytes. The counting chambers are divided into group squares to simplify counting. The counting chamber consists of a thick base plate and a thin, polished glass pane called a coverslip. 

          Counting chambers - At a glance

          • For cell counting under the microscope
          • With double partial mesh
          • Without spring clamp
          • Outer surfaces for labeling
          • Color: White
          • Material: Glass
          • Depth: 0.1 mm (Thoma, Thoma new, Neubauer); 0.2 mm (Fuchs-Rosenthal)
          • Available in various designs

          Counting chamber - The details

          Counting chambers are used to determine the concentration of cells. The concentration of cells is calculated by counting the number of cells in a given square and the volume of the respective chamber. The counting chambers are available in four different designs. They differ mainly in the structure of the counting squares:

          Classification according to Thoma:

          • For platelet and for erythrocyte counting
          • Total area: 1 mm²
          • 16 group squares with a square area of 0.04 mm
          • 400 smallest squares with an area of 0.0025 mm²

          Classification according to Thoma new:

          • For erythrocyte and leukocyte counting
          • Total area of 1.21 mm²
          • Smallest squares are 0.0025 mm each

          Division according to Neubauer:

          • For erythrocyte and leukocyte counting
          • 9 large squares with 1mm² area each

          Division according to Fuchs-Rosenthal:

          • For cell counting in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
          • Total area: 16 mm²
          • 16 large squares of 1 mm² each

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Hecht-Assistent counting chamber in the selected version