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          Vitrex Micro haematocrit capillaries

          Non-heparinized micropipettes with fire-polished ends

          SKU: 102445.0
          Package: 100 piece(s)

          Length: 75 mm

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          Micro haematocrit capillaries from Vitrex

          Vitrex hematocrit capillaries are disposable, non-heparinized micropipettes. They are used to determine the hematocrit value in clinic and medical laboratories. The high-quality capillaries made of glass take up the blood sample cleanly and are centrifuged in a hematocrit centrifuge . A uniform inner diameter with low tolerances enables precise results when evaluated via a nomogram. One end of the micropipettes is fire-polished, thus protecting the seal of the centrifuge.  

          Product details

          • Unsealed standard micro-capillaries for determination of hematocrit
          • For use in hematocrit centrifuges
          • For single use
          • Inner diameter uniform over the total length (0.02 conicity)
          • One side fire polished (with color marking)
          • Not heparinized
          • Ungraduated
          • With blue color code 
          • Material: soda-lime-silica glass, hydrolytic class 3 (HGB)
          • Diameter: 1.15 ± 0.05 mm (inner), 1.55 ± 0.05 mm (outer)
          • Length: 75 ± 0.5 mm
          • Nominal volume: approx. 75 μl
          • Hygienically packed in dispenser bottle with 100 tubes

          Delivery contents

          • 100 Vitrex micro haematocrit capillaries