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          Merck Immersion oil

          For visualizing the finest structures under the light microscope

          Immersion oil
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          Immersion oil from Merck

          To increase the resolution of a immersion objective in light microscopy, this high-quality Merck immersion oil is used. Between the specimen surface and the objective front lens, the viscous liquid creates a defined refractive index. The immersion agent optimizes the microscopic examination of histological, cytological, hematological and bacteriological specimens. The finest structures can be clearly visualized at high magnification because the immersion medium prevents refraction of the light rays at the transition from the coverslip to the air. The dropper bottle allows the oil to be applied precisely and sparingly. One bottle of 100 ml Merck immersion oil is sufficient for about 2500 applications.

          Product details

          • High-quality synthetic oil for light microscopy
          • For use with immersion objectives (marked "Oil")
          • Increases resolution at high magnification
          • Ready-to-use viscous, clear liquid
          • In a user-friendly dropper bottle
          • Composition: Mixture with main ingredient Benzyl benzoate (approx. 455 g/l)
          • Viscosity: 100 - 120 mPa-s
          • Refractive index: approx. 1.516 
          • Storage: 15 - 25 °C
          • Contents: 100 ml

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 bottle Merck immersion oil à 100 ml
          Signal word: Warning
          Hazard warnings: H410 – Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
          Safety instructions: P273 – Avoid release to the environment.

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