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          QuikRead go Instant Diagnostic System

          Fully automatic POC meter for use with QuikRead go test kits

          QuikRead go Instant Diagnostic System
          Order number: 102020.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Variant: POC meter for mains operation

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          Due to the tense situation caused by the Covid-19 eruption, there may be occasional delays in delivery.

          QuikRead go Instant Diagnostic System from Aidian

          Aidian's advanced QuikRead go instant diagnostic system enables efficient laboratory testing with subsequent data exchange into a cross-system point-of-care (POC) network. The analysis system is suitable for quantitative and qualitative in vitro diagnostics with reproducible test results. In doing so, the QuikRead go serves as a base instrument for use with versatile Aidian rapid test kits. The presettable calibration data allows the test to be individually adapted to the patient and the laboratory. The intuitive user interface allows all relevant information to be viewed and visualized test steps to be displayed if required. After the test, the result is automatically stored in the system. In addition, each QuikRead go system has an individual serial number - making each analysis unmistakably traceable from the patient to the laboratory.

          Product details

          • Fully automated point-of-care (POC) analysis system
          • Quantitative and qualitative in vitro diagnostics (IVD)
          • Versatile selection of ready-to-use test kits
          • Reproducible test results
          • Presettable calibration data
          • Guided test procedure with practical animations
          • Sensitive touch screen display for results and error messages
          • Intuitive user interface
          • Factory calibrated and maintenance free - incl. internal self test
          • Made in Finland
          • Dimensions: L 27 x W 15.5 x H 14.5 cm
          • Weight: 1.7 kg (without battery)
          • Available in different versions

          According to the guidelines of the German Medical Association, a regular quality assurance by positive control with the corresponding Aidian QuikRead go control set is necessary.

          CRP & COVID-19 - Analysis with Aidian QuikRead go 

          The C-reactive protein (CRP) is considered a non-specific biomarker for infections and inflammations. A significant increase in CRP levels has been observed in corona-positive patients, which is currently known to correlate with disease severity. For more information on the correlation of CRP levels and COVID-19 click here.

          Networked diagnostics with modern POC systems

          The Aidian QuikRead go instant diagnostic system allows cross-system information exchange with compatible data processing systems. The connection to a point-of-care (POC) system enables digital exchange between the medical laboratory and the treating physicians. It also reduces potential transmission errors of manual data entry and ensures secure transmission of sensitive patient data. The QuikRead go system is suitable for unidirectional and bidirectional connection to the laboratory information system (LIS).

          Unidirectional connection

          Using LIS01-A2 (ASTM) protocol, the QuikRead go device can be connected to any compatible system. Thus, after the test has been performed, the following information can be seamlessly transferred:

          • Result and unit
          • Test ID + analyte information 
          • Patient ID
          • Operator ID 
          • Serial number
          • Time + Date 
          • System information

          Bidirectional connection

          Systems with POCT1-A2 standard allow a two-way exchange with the QuikRead go analyzer. In addition to the information of the unidirectional connection, the following data can also be transmitted or functions can be used:

          • Download of patient lists 
          • Management of user profiles 
          • Comment function
          • Individual notification to users 
          • Define measured value ranges 
          • Change general settings 
          • Transmission of error information
          • Locking and unlocking the analysis system 
          • Software updates

          Versatile in vitro diagnostics in minutes

          • C-reactive protein (CRP): 2 minutes
          • CRP + hemoglobin (Hb): 2 minutes
          • Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c): max. 6 minutes
          • A-Streptococcus (Strep A): 3 - 7 minutes
          • Immunological stool test (iFOBT): max. 3 minutes

          Technical details

          • Measuring method: immunoturbidimetry, photometry
          • Test duration: approx. 2 - 6 minutes
          • Wired connectivity to a printer, barcode scanner and external storage media
          • Internal memory: 100 patient results, 100 quality control results, 100 LIS offline results
          • Display: L 11.6 x W 8.7 cm; 640 x 480 p
          • Connections: USB type A, RJ-45 Modular connector for LIS and HIS connection
          • Export: CSV file format
          • Power supply: Mains operation, rechargeable battery (optional)

          Scope of delivery 

          • 1 Aidian QuikRead go instant diagnostic system in the selected version
          • 1 rechargeable battery (only in version with battery operation)
          • 1 power supply unit
          • 1 power cord
          • 1 instruction manual

          The product is subject to instruction in Germany according to MPBetreibV. The instruction is not included in the price.

          An instruction with costs by the manufacturer is possible after arrangement. Please contact us for further information.

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          Further information

          For healthcare professionals only
          For healthcare professionals only