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          Bloom Diagnostics

          Bloom Thyroid Test

          LFIA Test for Thyroid Biomarker with App Support

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          Bloom Thyroid Test from Bloom Diagnostics

          The Bloom Thyroid Test from Bloom Diagnostics is the optimal complement to the Bloom Lab analysis system and the free Bloom Diagnostics smartphone app. The test measures thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in the blood in just a few minutes to determine thyroid status. Test results are then stored in the smartphone app along with personalized recommendations. Thus, the Bloom Thyroid Test is ideal for tracking health data and supporting self-optimization.  

          Product details

          • LFIA test for Thyroid biomarker for the Bloom Lab analysis system
          • Disposable self-test kit to determine thyroid status
          • Detection of primary hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)
          • Wireless transmission of results to the free Bloom Diagnostics app
          • In-app assessments of analyses and personalized recommendations
          • For use with the Bloom Lab analysis system from Bloom Diagnostics
          • Convenient health and lifestyle recording features
          • Measurement time: 10 minutes

          Bloom Diagnostics app - innovative technology and personalized analysis

          For reliable monitoring of various Bloom Diagnostics tests, the intelligent Bloom Lab analysis system and the free Bloom Diagnostics app are used. A combination of user-added data and readings from the analysis system provides personalized recommendations in medical accuracy and understandable words. 

          The Bloom Lab system is ready to use in just a few steps:

          1. Connect the analysis system to the power supply and install the Bloom Diagnostics app on your smartphone
          2. Log in to the smartphone app and add a new test
          3. Hold the upper right corner of the smartphone to the Bloom Lab and pair it up
          4. Run the test according to instructions and insert it into the Bloom Lab system
          5. Now the sample is automatically analyzed and the Bloom app displays the personalized report

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Bloom Diagnostics Bloom Thyroid Test Kit consisting of:
            • 1 Bloom Thyroid Test Strip 
            • 1 Alcohol swab for finger cleaning
            • 1 Sterile safety lancet for finger pricking
            • 1 plaster 
            • 1 Capillary tube for blood collection
            • 1 dilution buffer
            • 1 Cleaning cloth for the Bloom Lab analysis system

          The smartphone and Bloom Lab analysis system shown are not included. To use the Bloom Thyroid Test, the Bloom Lab Analysis System is required, which is available for purchase.

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