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          Accutrend control solution

          Suitable for Accutrend Plus Test Sticks | Cholesterol

          Accutrend control solution
          Article ID: 151278
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Model: Cholesterol control

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          Accutrend control solution from Roche

          Roche's Accutrend control solutions are used to check the function of the Accutrend Plus device as well as the test strips. The solutions are each available as a cholesterol, lactate or triglyceride control. A control measurement is recommended at the opening of each new pack of test strips as well as for testing the device. The manufacturer also recommends a control if the test strip vial has not been properly sealed or has been exposed to extreme temperatures. For safe handling, Accutrend Controls is applied directly to the test strip from the convenient dropper bottle. The permissible target value range for the control solution is described in the package insert.

          Product details

          • Control solution for the Roche Accutrend Plus System
          • Regular system control for quality assurance
          • For reliable results in practice and for self-use
          • Sample is applied to the test field of a suitable test strip (not included)
          • Handy dropper bottle facilitates test performance
          • BM-Control-Lactate for lactate control:
            • Suitable for Accutrend Plus, Accusport, Accutrend Lactate
            • Required are Accutrend BM-Lactate test strips
            • 2 dropper bottles (solution 1 and 2)
            • Contents: 4 ml each
            • Storage temperature: 2 - 8 °C
          • Accutrend Control CH 1 for cholesterol control:
            • Suitable for Roche Accutrend Plus, Accutrend GC/GCT
            • Required are Accutrend Cholesterol Test Strips
            • 1 dropper bottle
            • Contents: 1.5 ml
            • Storage temperature: 2 - 25 °C
          • Accutrend Control TG 1 for triglycerides control:
            • Suitable for Roche Accutrend Plus, Accutrend GCT
            • Required Accutrend Triglycerides test strips
            • 1 dropper bottleContent: 1.5 ml
            • Storage temperature: 2 - 8 °C

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 pack Roche Accutrend Control CH 1 control solution à 1.5 ml
          • 1 package insert

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          This item is not eligible for returns.

          Further information

          Cooling required

          Cooling required

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