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          Urine Monovette


          Urine Monovette
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          Urine Monovette from Sarstedt

          Urine diagnostics with the urine monovette - only from Sarstedt

          The Sarstedt urine monovette is similar to the monovette as we know it from blood collection. These monovettes are the appropriate accessories for the safe, clean collection of urine for urine tests and examinations. In addition to the urine monovettes, you will also receive a collection tip for collection from a urine cup.

          • Sarstedt urine monovettes
          • scaled monovette with cap
          • medical tubes for transport and examination of urine
          • without paper label - hygienically printed
          • Cannula not required
          • high quality plastic
          • handy and easy to handle
          • Urine monovettes complete incl. suction tip for urine collection vessels

          Urine monovettes are a safe system

          Say goodbye to cannulas and the associated risks in urine diagnostics. The urine monovette from Sarstedt is a successful alternative to traditional forms of urine testing. The small medical tube makes urine tests particularly reliable because the monovette is self-contained. The safe collection of urine from a urine container can be made even safer with Sarstedt urine monovettes, as the scope of delivery also includes a practical suction tip.

          Scope of delivery

          • Sarstedt urine monovettes
          • Suction tip for urine

          Advantages of Sarstedt urine monovettes

          • The device adaptation of the urine monovette to a device for analysis is possible.
          • The Sarstedt Monovette is also a robust transport vessel.
          • Do you use an ordinary urine test with test strips? The urine monovettes have the optimal vessel shape for test strips.
          • At the same time, the urine monovette can function as a centrifuge tube for sediment collection.
          Properties: sterile