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          Socks with integrated toe gel zone

          Reduces squeezing, scratching & rubbing on toes

          Socks with integrated toe gel zone
          Order number: 102247.0
          Package: 1 pair(s)

          Size: 35/38

          Color: Black

          €29.69 * gross
          €24.95 * net

          plus shipping costs

          Delivery 9 to 12 days

          You will receive your goods between the 13.02.2023 and 16.02.2023

          Socks with integrated toe gel zone from PodoSolution

          The socks with integrated toe gel zone from PodoSolution offer increased wearing comfort thanks to the gel contained and immediate well-being. With the help of the innovative gel, the sock protects against friction, scratching and pressure on the toes. In addition, the skin issupplied with moisture by the contained oil. The socks are breathable, washable and are made of cotton, the innovative gel is made of polymers and can be washed easily. The gel area is fixed, can not slip and does not wear in the shoe, perfect for a stressful and long everyday life.

          Product details

          • Socks with integrated toe gel zone 
          • Reduces pressing, scratching and rubbing at the toes
          • Innovative gel works directly on the problem areas
          • The gel distributes the pressure and protects against heavy strain
          • The oil contained in the gel moisturizes the skin
          • Relieves pain and improves walking comfort
          • No slipping of the gel
          • Washable and breathable
          • Guaranteed for up to 200 washings Product features
          • Material sock: cotton
          • Material gel: polymer
          • Available in different colors and sizes

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 pair of PodoSolution socks with integrated toe gel zone in the selected design