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          Bollmann Bollmann "Practicus" Doctor's Bag

          Modern execution in classic design

          SKU: 187478
          Package: 1 piece(s)
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          Bollmann "Practicus" Doctor's Bag from Bollmann

          Practical, economical and beloved doctor's bag. It possesses a stout aluminum frame and a lockable frame closure.

          Washable lining, large inner pocket. Removable inserts are divided into a variety of compartments.

          • stout aluminum frame
          • lockable closure
          • washable interior with variety of compartments
          • empty

          Bollman puts special emphasis on guarding its so far 100 years-long craftsman tradition. These high-quality, long-lasting quality products by Bollman rely on the highest bag making skills and select materials.

          Bollmann provides a 3 years' guarantee covering the hand-crafted labor and use of the best-suited materials. Bollmann will furnish replacements at no cost, in case material or finishing mistakes slip through the constant quality control.

          Fast repair service and loaned bags if needed are also part of Bollman's service offerings.