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          Wright & Sons Doctor bag Preston

          Classic design iron bag

          Doctor bag Preston
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          Doctor bag Preston from Wright & Sons

          Suprasorb A, due to its high absorbency (up to 20 times its own weight), is well suited for the care of strongly exudating wounds, i.e. ulcers, decubiti, fresh fascia removal spots and infected wounds.

          • sterile
          • sealed singly

          The bandage can remain on the wound up to 7 days, depending on wound type and exudation level. Deep wounds and wound cavities are cared for with Suprasorb A tamponades.

          Fixation depending on exudation with Suprasorb H Hydro-colloidal, Suprasorb M PU-Membrane or Suprasorb F Foil wound dressing.

          Mode of action


          the hydrophilic fibers swell in contact with the wound's exudate and create a non-clogging gel. This process is based on an exchange of Ca++-ions from the alginate against Na+-ions in the exudate. Suprasorb A absorbs exudate and simultaneously protects against drying through gel creation.