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          cibX Health MOBI Smart Mobile Adapter with Localization & Alarm Function

          For locating rollators & walking sticks via GPS

          SKU: 102575.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Incl. SIM card with 1 year runtime

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          MOBI Smart Mobile Adapter with Localization & Alarm Function from cibX Health

          The MOBI from cibX Health is a smart mobile adapter that, thanks to its localization function, helps to locate people who are disoriented, suffering from dementia or have limited mobility. Via integrated GPS, the current position of the MOBI can be determined to within a few meters. It is easy to integrate into everyday life and, thanks to its universal holder, can be mounted on mobile walking aids such as rollators or wheelchairs. In addition to its positioning function, the smart adapter also impresses with its alarm module: If the alarm button on the MOBI is activated, contacts stored in the portal are contacted quickly and easily via their connected Android end device.

          Product details

          • Mobile adapter with location and alarm function
          • Real-time localization via integrated GPS
          • Ideal for elderly and demented persons
          • Easy handling
          • Quick mounting on rollators or wheelchairs
          • Slim, cell phone housing
          • Alarm emergency call can be activated by pressing the button for 3 seconds
          • Mobile use with any mobile Android device (PC, tablet, cell phone)
          • Worldwide usable: MOBI can be used at any location with mobile network (unlimited use in Europe and countries of country group 1)
          • Management of multiple devices via one portal access (e.g. MOBI and smartstick)
          • Unlimited contacts in the user portal
          • Geofence: alarm notification when exceeding a preset zone with variable radius (via app)
          • Please note: The corresponding app is only available for Android devices (not availablefor iOS)
          • Secure data storage on a German server under German data protection laws
          • All costs included: MOBI, electronics, mobile communications (SIM card installed in the device in the Deutsche Telekom network: free of charge for 1 year after activation of the MOBI and can be extended thereafter if required), portal and service
          • Battery life: approx. 1 week

          Important: In order to be able to use all functions without restriction, sufficient mobile reception and the Android app belonging to the MOBI (available in the Google Play Store) are required. With the included Deutsche Telekom AG network, optimal coverage is provided throughout Germany and Europe, as well as in other European countries in country group 1, at no additional cost.

          Worldwide location query with Android app thanks to dedicated user portal

          To use the MOBI, the corresponding Android app (available in the Google Play Store) is required. It can be used to access the portal developed by cibX Health in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, which offers a clear user interface as well as individual settings. Via the portal, registered contacts can retrieve location queries of the MOBI - the person equipped with the MOBI does not need a mobile device himself for this. In addition, the MOBI can send push notifications if the adapter moves outside an area preset in the portal (geofence). The use of Geofence increases safe mobility in old age immensely. Thanks to it, it is possible to draw a virtual fence with variable radius from 500 meters around the device. Especially for people with walking tendency, this function serves as an additional safety, because when the area is exceeded, an alarm is automatically triggered and sent to the portal.

          Delivery contents

          • 1 cibX Health MOBI adapter incl. SIM card from Telekom
          • 1 holder for rollator or wheelchair
          • 1 charging cable
          • 1 instruction manual

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.