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          Paper roll holder for GO & G2 treatment couch


          Article ID: 294831
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: G2 paper roll holder

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          Paper roll holder for GO & G2 treatment couch from Gymna

          Suitable for the Gymna GO and G2 series, this paper roll holder is designed for mounting on the couches. Hygienic storage and quick covering of the cleaned couch are simple routine tasks when the couch paper is ready under the foot end or under the back part of the treatment couch. The sturdy holder made of painted metal is easy to load and holds all medical rolls up to 60 cm wide. Without much effort, the metal rod with the paper roll can be hooked into the tabs of the holder. 

          Product details

          • Paper roll holder for all Gymna GO and G2 couches
          • For installation at the foot end or under the back part
          • Also suitable for the back section of models D1/D1e and Traction
          • Suitable for rolls up to 60 cm
          • Moves up and down together with the height adjustment

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Gymna paper roll holder for Gymna GO and G2 examination couches

          The paper roll shown is not included in the delivery.

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.