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          Eve Home Systems

          Eve Door & Window Smart Contact Sensor

          For monitoring windows & doors via iPhone

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          Variant: For iPhone

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          Eve Door & Window Smart Contact Sensor from Eve Home Systems

          Enjoy the secure feeling of always having doors and windows in view. With the Eve Door & Window contact sensor, you can instantly check whether windows and doors are open or closed when you're on the go, at home, or in the room next door. When the status changes, the control center sends a message directly to the connected iPhone and automatically controls other HomeKit-enabled products (Note: prerequisite for setting up a control center is a HomePod, HomePod Mini or Apple TV 4K). 

          The contact sensor mounts easily without tools, includes a replaceable long-life battery, and is energy efficient and completely wireless thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy and Thread technology. Featuring Apple HomeKit technology, Eve Door & Window offers outstanding ease of use and high security. Moreover, in addition to Bluetooth, it also supports Thread, which, in combination with the HomePod mini, makes the use of the sensor faster, more reliable and has a greater range. Eve Door & Window is quick to set up, integrates automatically into a Thread network, and requires no bridge.

          Product details

          • Smart contact sensor for windows and doors
          • Notifies you via message when status changes and automatically activates other HomeKit-enabled devices - thanks to HomePod mini, HomePod or Apple TV as the control center*
          • Generates statistics on when and how long doors and windows were open
          • Wireless
          • Supports Bluetooth as well as Thread and automatically integrates into a Thread network (Thread requires a HomePod mini as border router)
          • Easy to install
          • Strict privacy: no Eve cloud, no registration, and no tracking
          • Easy setup and seamless integration: Eve devices are up and running in seconds
          • Optimal collaboration with other devices thanks to Apple HomeKit technology
          • Future-ready technology: Award-winning design combined with the latest technology and support for Thread, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
          • *Note: Automation, control and notifications on the go require a control center to be set up via Apple TV (4th generation or later), HomePod or HomePod mini

          Advantages of the Eve Home system

          Maximum security

          The highest good of all Eve devices is privacy protection: Eve does not collect personal data and has no cloud. Local processes and direct communication between Eve device and iPhone, iPad or control center run without a bridge or dependence on a cloud.

          Automation in everyday life thanks to smart solutions

          The Eve Home Systems devices not only help save electricity in everyday work, but also transform doctors' offices, clinics and more into smart workplaces thanks to their pronounced compatibility. To do this, the devices do not have to be operated individually, but are able to communicate with each other. Once the devices are installed and connected via a control center, they react to each other and act independently. This facilitates control and ensures optimized energy savings.

          The dream team: Eve Door & Window and Eve Thermo 

          The Eve Door & Window contact sensor and the Eve Thermo radiator thermometer impress with their special interaction: If both are connected to each other via a control center, the Eve Door & Window registers open windows or doors and forwards the signal directly to Eve Thermo. The radiator thermostat then automatically regulates the heating down. As soon as the doors and windows are closed again, the room temperature is increased to the individually defined temperature. This is a particularly efficient way to save energy.

          The Eve Home Systems range

            Eve Energy Eve Door & Window Eve Thermo Eve Energy Strip
          Description Smart power outlet Smart contact sensor Smart radiator thermostat Smart power strip
          Highlights Consumption measurement
          Built-in on/off switch
          Open/closed status info
          Statistics in the Eve app
          Presence-based heating
          Windows open = heating off
          Overvoltage protection
          Energy saving
          App/Siri control ✔      ✔    ✔  
          Autonomous schedules ✔      ✘  ✔  
          Wireless standard HomeKit, Bluetooth, Thread HomeKit, Bluetooth, Thread HomeKit, Bluetooth, Thread WLAN
          Communication via control center ✘ 
          Automation & remote access requires control center requires control center requires control center requires control center

          Technical Data

          • Radio connection: Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread
          • Power supply: ½ AA battery (ER14250 3,6V)
          • Dimensions: 52 x 24 x 23 mm and 18 x 18 x 8 - 23 mm
          • System requirements:
            • iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.2 or later
            • Automation and control of this HomeKit-enabled device on the go require a HomePod or Apple TV (4th generation or newer) as a control hub
            • Notifications on the go require a control hub


          • 1 Eve Door & Window
          • 1 Replaceable battery (½ AA ER14250 3.6V)
          • 1 Quick start guide

          The iPhone pictured is not included.