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          Sport-Tec Spiked ball

          For massaging and stimulating blood circulation

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Diameter: 6 cm (orange)

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          Spiked ball from Sport-Tec

          This spiked ball is a physiotherapy aid that is usually used to massage a person’s skin and back. This kind of massage stimulates local blood circulation. Rolling on the ball with hands or feet can also stimulate reflex areas.

          Product details

          • Spiked ball for skin, feet, and back massages
          • Stimulates the blood circulation
          • Versatile use
          • Each size can be used on different areas
          • Available in different sizes


          Spiked balls are usually as big as a fist. They are filled with air and have spikes that go out in all directions. They are used in many different areas: physical therapy, massages after exercise, gymnastics, or even grasping exercises. You can also massage the back with the ball to relieve back pain. Or just use it on any tense body part.

          To use this spiked ball, simply lay down and roll on it with your back. You can also place it between your back and a wall to roll back and forth while pressing you back against it. Many therapists also recommend massaging your feet’s bare sole with it. Hard to reach areas can be massaged by an external person.

          Different sizes and forms

          Spiked balls are manufactured in different sizes. Each size has its own colour.

          • The smallest ball is orange and has a 6 cm diameter. It is specially suitable for children to do grasping exercises with it. It can also be used to train fingers and toes.
          • The medium-sized ball is yellow or red and has an 8 or 9 cm diameter. It is mostly used in physiotherapy, as adults can grab it with their hand palms.
          • The biggest ball is blue and has a 10 cm diameter. It can be used on the whole body to massage muscle. The therapist can massage different parts of the body with it, which leads to increased blood circulation and loosens the muscle.

          Package contents

          • 1 Sport-Tec spiked ball in the selected size