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          Dr. No Japanese massage stick


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          Japanese massage stick

          This Japanese massage stick was made with care from Thai hardwood in order to be able to apply targeted and punctual pressure during a massage. With the massage stick, particularly tense areas are loosened with pinpoint accuracy. Due to its narrow shape, the Deuser stick can also be used to massage the depths of the tissue layers - but thanks to its wooden construction, the Deuser stick does not cause any injury to the patient.

          Product details

          • Solid massage stick made of Thai hardwood
          • For selective pressure massages to relieve severe tension
          • For the treatment of impaired tendon insertions (e.g. tennis elbow)
          • Without textbook
          • Wood color: Dark brown
          • Length: 14,3 cm
          • Diameter: 2 or 1.1 cm

          Japanese massage sticks: Backgrounds

          The Japanese massage stick is an effective part of physiotherapeutic therapies and medical massages. These sticks are also called Deuser sticks, named after their discoverer Erich Deuser. The two ends of these massage sticks are rounded so that no injuries are inflicted on the patient. In addition, the ends are of different thicknesses in order to adapt the Japanese massage to the patient and his needs. The Deuser stick is one of the protagonists in the Deuser Japanese stick massage, but it is also a valuable tip for general friction support.

          The Japanese stick massage according to Deuser

          In the Deuser massage, massage is performed on specific points to small areas, with particularly intense pressure. While wooden sticks are still frequently used for massage in Asia today, this technique is sometimes considered more of an insider tip in Europe. The therapist or alternative practitioner guides the Deuserstäbchen thereby with the hand and finds thereby completely certain pressure points, which coincide frequently with the Akupunkturpunkten and Meridianen. Even if the stick massage is primarily used for its ability to treat tensions locally, it is still considered a full body massage. The individual pressure points are easily reached with the wooden stick, because it is narrow and pressure-intensive - so the therapist can also reach the muscles directly through the subcutaneous fatty tissue in order to act there. Because the Japanese stick massage says: Fight the evil directly at the root - in this way, many complaints are fought directly in their cause and quickly cured.

          When is the chopstick massage particularly effective?

          If the patient complains of heel spurs, has a so-called tennis elbow, or general complaints of golfer's elbow (such as mouse arm or DIY arm), then the targeted pressure massage using massage sticks is the absolute bringer. You see: These are mainly diseases and complaints that are located at the tendons and tendon attachments and often stem from overload. Mouse arm or keyboard wrist, like tennis elbow, is an RSI syndrome (RSI, by the way, stands for "repetitive strain injury"). Since these overstretches are often so painful that patients can no longer perform even simple manual tasks, a fast-acting form of therapy is needed - and this is where the Deuserstäbchen comes into play.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Japanese massage stick