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          Chipdrive Cleaning card

          for all smart card readers

          Cleaning card
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          Cleaning card from Chipdrive

          With the cleaning card you maintain your magnetic card and chip card reader, because it removes dust and dirt particles, as well as oxide residues or similar from the write and read contacts.

          • Disposable card for cleaning your chip card reader/terminal
          • soaked with isopropanol from both sides
          • removes dust and dirt from the contacts
          • keeps your device operational for a long time
          • can be used for all smart card readers and terminals


          For optimal cleaning of your reader, insert the card 3-5 completely into the chip card reader or pull it through the card slot in the case of card readers 3-5. This cleans both the drive rollers and the drive belts. The magnetic head and the optical sensors are also cleaned of impurities. The card is soaked with cleaning liquid from both sides, so it can be used on both sides by turning it over.

          If the reader is used frequently (> 50 times per day), you should clean it weekly. In case of less frequent use, it is sufficient to clean the card reader once a month.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 double-sided cleaning card