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          HARTMANN Foliodrape protect Surgical Drapes

          Impermeable two-layer material - without adhesive strips

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          Package: 65 piece(s)

          Selection: Without adhesive strip

          Size: 45 x 75 cm

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          Foliodrape protect Surgical Drapes from HARTMANN

          Sterile draping with Foliodrape is an important component in an effective infection prophylaxis in the OR. That is because material, finish and safety in use make a reliable and easy draping of the patient and his vicinity possible.

          This is how Foliodrape contributes decisively to reducing contamination risk.

          • 100% moisture repellent
          • meets the DIN EN 13795 (1-3) standard
          • in different versions

          Foliodrape OR drapes possess the advantageous absorptive capacity of textile drapes, while remaining completely moisture-repellent and germ-proof.

          Foliodrape's anti-static properties guard against possibly influencing or manipulating apparatus arrayed in the OR.

          Finally, Foliodrape is easy to dispose of using current methods. It can be incinerated, since it burns completely without leaving harmful residues. The Foliodrape drape sets are groundwater-neutral, so that they are legal for landfill disposal.

          Foliodrape OR drape sets are free of natural latex, with the exception of the Foliodrape Urology-Set I and the Foliodrape Urology-Set II, on which the finger cots are made of latex.

          Advantages of the Hartmann Foliodrape

          Securely-attaching adhesive strips on Foliodrape drape cloths provide a quick and tightly-closed positioning on the patient's skin and present an effective barrier to germs. This effectively stops microorganisms from migrating into the incision wound.

          Make sure that the disinfected skin area is dry before fixing the adhesive strips in place so that there is tight adhesion.

          Foliodrape drape sets have been assembled with customized components required for the most frequently-performed operations. They offer a systematic way of preparing for operations in just about every specialty discipline.

          The drape sets are folded and assembled in a sequence that permits them to be used without problems and with sterility assured.

          As with textile drapes, draping can be done by two people. Where personnel shortfall prevails or in an emergency, one person alone can also do the draping with Foliodrape without problem and under sterile conditions.

          Using Foliodrape drape sets in the OR also makes inventorying, disposal and cost monitoring easier.

          Foliodrape drapes can be combined with the traditional four-cloth system, so that they can easily be as part of "mixed draping." A comprehensive line of complementary cloths and accesory products are available for this.

          Double-layered Foliodrapes drapes and fenestrated cloths have proven themselves with smaller surgical interventions, such as on a ward or in the ambulance. They come in various formats with or without adhesive zones and in single packages.

          When using the two-part Foliodrape fenestrated cloths, the hole diameter can be varied by overlapping the two cloth halves. This way they can be adapted to any incision location.

          Properties: sterile

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