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          Model Anatomical Eye


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          Model Anatomical Eye from HeineScientific

          The anatomical eye model of the brand manufacturer HeineScientific consists of 6 dismountable parts in 3-fold life size. The eyeball can be disassembled into 2 parts to reveal the internal structures. For example, the lens and vitreous body can be removed from the eye model for closer inspection. The clear, color-separated representation of the eye skin, eye muscle attachments, retina with the yellow spot, optic nerve and blood vessels makes the model eye ideally suited for training and study as well as for patient education at .

          Product details

          • 6-piece model with many details
          • 3 times life size
          • Eyeball with muscle attachments and optic nerve 
          • Carefully painted structures
          • Vitreous body, lens, iris and cornea are individually removable
          • Plastic base included
          • Dimensions: H (with base) 22 x W 16 x D 18 cm

          In optometry, optics, ophthalmology: eye models

          Anatomical eye models allow extensive and accurate study of the human eye. Both aspiring physicians and optometrists benefit from the exact, magnified and color-coded representation of the human eye. Because the model can be disassembled into individual parts, it provides a comprehensive look at human anatomy. Away from study and training, the eye model also makes a nice inventory item in the optician's and doctor's office. 

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 HeineScientific Anatomical eye model