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          Rüdiger Anatomie Standard skeleton on tripod

          Life size with removable skull

          SKU: 200383.3
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Standard skeleton

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          The delivery will take place between the 16.08.2024 and 20.08.2024

          Standard skeleton on tripod from Rüdiger Anatomie

          Rüdiger Anatomy Standard Skeleton on Tripod - At a Glance

          • Anatomically correct and lifelike bone structures of a normal adult
          • Approx. 200 bones, 24 intervertebrae and 31 individual teeth
          • Skull is removable and can be disassembled into four parts
          • The lower jaw is removable
          • A bone flap in the lower jaw with a view of tooth roots and nerves
          • Arms and legs are removable
          • Natural movements of the arm and leg joints
          • Skullcap is removable with view of skull base
          • Nerve canals in the base of the skull are open
          • Made of form and color stable plastic in the color light ivory
          • Manufacture in Germany
          • With mobile 5-foot stand and dust cover

          Rüdiger Anatomy Standard Skeleton on Tripod - The Details

          The Standard Skeleton - the skeleton standard par excellence

          All bones of the skeleton are 100% cast from a real homo skeleton. With this template, attention was paid not only to ideal bone structures, but also to some anatomical peculiarities (e.g. an impacted wisdom tooth in the lower jaw or a malposition of the os coccygis).
          All details and subtleties of each human bone are accurately reproduced. Anatomically correct and absolutely lifelike.
          The skeleton shows all of the usual 206 to 214 bones of a normal adult. The hyoid bone, all 24 individual vertebrae, all 12 ribs on each side of the body, kneecaps, all 26 bones on each foot and all 27 bones on each hand and each side of the body are individually represented and carefully mounted.
          The joints of the arms and legs are designed in such a way that all natural movements can be reproduced. For example, the cross and parallel position of the radius and ulna can be clearly shown when rotating the wrist. By means of special sliding joint hinges for attaching the arms and legs to the trunk, sliding movements within the shoulder or thigh joint are also possible. The arms and legs are removable.
          The skull is removable and separates into four parts: The lower jaw is removable. A bone flap in the mandible allows views of the tooth root, cancellous bone, nerve canal and an impacted wisdom tooth. Most of the teeth of a normal adult are individually removable from the jaw and reinsertable with a special adhesive. The skullcap is removable to allow viewing of the fully formed skull base. The nerve canals in the skull base are all opened.

          Technical details

          • Height incl. tripod approx. 180cm
          • Height without tripod approx. 170cm
          • Skull circumference approx. 51cm
          • Shoulder width approx. 40cm
          • Chest depth approx. 38-40cm
          • Pelvis width approx. 28cm
          • Pelvis depth approx. 14cm
          • Arm length incl. hand approx. 76cm
          • Hand skeleton length approx. 19cm
          • Leg length incl. foot ca. 97cm
          • Foot skeleton length approx. 25cm
          • Tripod diameter 60cm
          • Weight incl. tripod: 11kg

          Scope of delivery

          • Rüdiger Anatomy Standard Skeleton
          • With mobile 5-foot tripod, black
          • Dust cover