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          Dr. No Human skeleton

          Plastic skeleton model

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 180 cm

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          Human skeleton

          Do you already know Scarlett? Doctor No's Next Anatomy Skeleton Top Model impresses with 1A full-size bone dimensions as well as a detailed and outstanding look. No wonder that it could convince our jury in practice as well as in lecture halls and shootings. Therefore, we can proudly announce: We have a photo for you today, Scarlett!

          The human skeleton made of plastic by Dr. No reproduces the human bone structure in original size. Human anatomy can be viewed lifelike with the anatomy model so that bones and ankles can be identified. Bone structure can be demonstrated, taught and learned with the anatomy skeleton on the mobile stand. The extremities and three-part skull are even removable on this plastic skeleton. This makes Scarlett suitable for students and lecturers as a teaching skeleton, while it can be used by doctors to clearly explain medical problems and their treatment options to their patients.

          Product details

          • Human skeleton with movable spine, joints and flexible intervertebral discs
          • Removable extremities
          • Removable skull, three-part
          • All anatomical details faithfully reproduced
          • Incl. non-tilting mobile stand
          • Material: plastic
          • Height: 180 cm

          More success through "learning on the model

          Doctor No's Human Skeleton Scarlett is made of high-quality plastic that offers a true-to-life and detailed look. The multitude of bones, ankles and knuckles of the human body structure can be traced and studied in depth with the lifelike looking skeleton model. The level of detail is ensured by the original size of each bone.

          To enable and facilitate anatomy teaching in addition to human anatomy learning, the skeleton is attached to a wheeled, non-tilting tripod. This means that the model is always stable and quickly available in any classroom as well as teaching hospital. In addition, the extremities and the skull of the plastic skeletons can be removed individually and thus brought separately to the practice, clinic and classrooms. During patient discussions, potential impairments and diseases as well as therapeutic measures can be clearly demonstrated and explained on the anatomical skeleton.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Human skeleton
          • 1 rolling stand
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