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          HeineScientific Flexible human skeleton


          Flexible human skeleton
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          Flexible human skeleton from HeineScientific

          This human skeleton is a particularly movable skeleton model for the field of study, teaching and instruction. The lifelike skeleton makes the human bone structure understandable and memorable in all details. The ligamentous apparatus and the spine are flexibly reproduced in this model skeleton true to life.

          • Life-size skeleton model - 180 cm
          • detailed representation of anatomy and ligamentous apparatus
          • flexible spine
          • right side: simulation of ligaments of joints, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and foot
          • Representation of herniated disc
          • three-part skull, removable
          • 1 arm, 1 leg removable/li>
          • anti-tilt mobile stand

          Flexible skeleton models for "learning on the model

          The flexible human skeleton model can be easily moved from room to room as it is mounted on a stable, colorable tripod. This allows the model skeleton to be used in different classrooms, but also within the clinic or practice in different treatment rooms. The model skeleton is the ideal assistant for demonstrating the musculoskeletal system, ligaments and bones of the human body. Both in studies and in patient consultations. However, not only can the human anatomy be optimally displayed and demonstrated, but learning about the bone structure and identifying individual bones and bones is also made much easier by the anatomy model.

          Highlights of the skeleton model

          The skeleton with ligaments has a flexible spine, which not only makes the condition of the intervertebral discs generally representable and understandable, but can also simulate a herniated disc. Apart from the special flexibility of the skeleton models, their permanent availability is also a big plus. The extremities and the skull can be removed from the model skeleton and taken to different rooms. So if the entire model skeleton is not required, only the cranium can be brought into the classroom. However, if a complete anatomical model is needed after all, that is no problem either: thanks to the mobile rolling stand, the skeleton is at the desired location in no time at all.

          Please note: The color of the skeleton shown may vary slightly.

          Scope of delivery

          • Skeleton model, life-size
          • non-tilting rolling stand