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          3B Scientific Model life size bisexual muscle figure


          SKU: B53
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 40,7 kg, 174 cm

          €7,378.00 inc. VAT*
          €6,200.00 ex. VAT*

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          The delivery will take place between the 06.06.2024 and 10.06.2024

          Model life size bisexual muscle figure from 3B Scientific

          This high-quality, life-size muscle model reproduces a wide variety of human anatomical structures in extreme detail. It is therefore also particularly suitable for high-quality training at medical universities. The right half of the muscle figure shows skin, the left half the superficial and deeper muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structures. Rounding out the versatility of this aesthetic model is the accurate depiction of the internal organs. It can be disassembled into:

          • 2-part head
          • Brain hemisphere
          • Sternocleidomastoid muscle
          • 6-part muscle arm (detachable: deltoid muscle, biceps brachii muscle, triceps brachii muscle, palmaris longus muscle with flexor carpi radialis muscle, brachioradialis muscle with extensor carpi radialis muscle)
          • 5-part thigh (detachable: M. sartorius, M. gluteus maximus, M. rectus femoris, M. biceps femoris cap. l. with M. semitendinosus)
          • 2-part lower leg (detachable: gastrocnemius muscle)
          • Thoracic abdominal wall with detachable mammary gland
          • Torso body with skin arm and leg
          • 2 lung halves
          • 2-part heart
          • Liver with gallbladder
          • 2-part stomach
          • Kidney half
          • 4-part intestinal package
          • 3-part female genital insert with embryo
          • 4-part male genital insert

          Delivery of this life-size muscle figure includes movable wooden stand and assembly instructions.