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          HeineScientific Pregnancy model with removable fetus

          Female abdomen at 40 weeks of pregnancy

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 40. Week of pregnancy

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          Pregnancy model with removable fetus from HeineScientific

          The HeineScientific pregnancy model shows the fetus in the female abdomen at the 40th week of pregnancy. The model is life-size and shows many different structures such as the uterus, placenta or amniotic sac. To make these even more visible, the baby can be removed from the model. 

          Pregnancy model with removable fetus - At a glance

          • Representation of the female abdomen in the 40th SSW
          • 2-part, fetus can be removed
          • Fetus is shown asleep and with arms drawn up
          • With attachment of the umbilical cord
          • Life-size and true to detail
          • Mounted on base
          • Recognizable structures: Uterus, Placenta, Amniotic sac, Peritoneum, Rectum with sphincter, Bladder with urethra, Symphysis, Vagina with labia, Spine with spinal cord, Blood vessels, Fatty tissue
          • Dimensions: H 20 x W 13.5 x D 10 cm
          • Weight: 3 kg

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 HeineScientific pregnancy model with removable fetus