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          HeineScientific Model Anatomical Pelvis

          male pelvis

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          Model Anatomical Pelvis from HeineScientific

          This pelvis model from Heine Scientific shows the bony pelvis of a man in life size. The use of special plastics makes the pelvis model particularly realistic in surface structure and color. The cartilage fiber structure of the symphysis is also beautifully displayed. The dimensions of the male pelvis model correspond to those of an average-sized adult male.

          Structures shown

          • Sacrum (Os sacrum)
          • Sacroiliac joint (sacroiliac joint)
          • Iliac crest (Crista iliaca)
          • Intestinal bone (Os ilium)
          • Anterior iliac spine (Spina ililaca anterior)
          • Acetabulum
          • Ischium (Os ischii)
          • Foramen obturatum
          • Pubic bone (Os pubis) with pubic arch (Arc pubis) and pubic symphysis (Symphysis)