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          Dr. No Spine model with pelvis

          With metal stand

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          Selection: 74 cm

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          Spine model with pelvis

          The human spine with pelvis is a high-quality anatomical model to illustrate the interaction of intervertebral discs, vertebrae and pelvis. The life-size spinal column model is primarily used for the physiologically correct representation of all vertebrae, the spiral nerves, the spinal cord and the vertebral artery or vertebral artery.

          Product details

          • Model spine in life-size replica
          • Ideal for training, study and patient consultations
          • Vertebral injury can be demonstrated using spinal column model
          • Incl. metal stand
          • Dimensions: 30 x 83 x 24 cm
          • Weight: 2.9 kg

          Anatomy models with spine

          The model spine is an anatomy model that provides a comprehensive demonstration of the human bone structure, the nervous system and the pathology of the spine. On the one hand, the spinal column model can be a significant enrichment in lessons and studies if it is used for demonstration purposes. On the other hand, it also makes learning anatomy much easier. Learning about data and the interaction of individual elements is significantly accelerated and simplified by visualization and simulation with the model, making anatomy easier to understand. The spinal column model is therefore a real plus for students and trainees.

          The patient consultation is enhanced by the model spine, as certain spinal injuries can be explained to the patient as a layperson and a slipped disc can be explained. Possible therapies and forms of treatment can also be illustrated and communicated more memorably with the model spine.

          Delivery contents

          • 1 Spine model with pelvis