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          HeineScientific Pelvis Model female

          Pelvis Model female

          Pelvis Model female
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          Selection: 25 x 18 x 28 cm

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          Pelvis Model female from HeineScientific

          This anatomical pelvis model female shows the anatomy of an adult woman in detail and in longitudinal section. As a typical female pelvis model, the replica is covered with different colors, so that the distinction of the individual structures of the female anatomy is facilitated. With the female pelvis model, learning and demonstrating the anatomical structures is simplified and even accelerated.

          HeineScientific model anatomical pelvis female - At a glance

          • Female pelvis model, longitudinal section
          • Color-coded and clearly arranged
          • Ideal teaching model
          • Highly detailed representation of abdominal wall muscles, urinary bladder and tube, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other structures, among others
          • Dimensions: 25 cm (H) x 18 cm (W) x 28 cm (D)
          • incl. base
          • Cannot be disassembled

          Anatomical pelvis models for better learning

          The female anatomical pelvis model helps students, pupils and trainees to visualize female anatomy and to memorize the many complex structures of the pelvis. On the other hand, the female pelvic model also helps perfect demonstration on the part of the teacher. Due to the clear color coding of the individual elements in the model pelvis, they can be recognized and internalized by the audience even from a distance. The high level of detail is a further plus point for training.

          Of course, experienced gynecologists or midwives also benefit from this detailed, life-size model of the female pelvis. In patient consultations, showing the pelvic model can eliminate ambiguities, illustrate and explain risks, and clarify possible forms of treatment and therapy or interventions.

          Which structures of the female anatomy does the pelvic model show?

          Through this female pelvic model are shown:

          • The abdominal wall muscles
          • The symphysis pubica
          • The urinary bladder
          • The urethra
          • The external female genitals
          • The vagina
          • The cervix
          • The uterus - including myometrium and endometrium
          • The ovary
          • The Fallopian tubes
          • The fornix vaginae
          • The Douglas space
          • The rectum incl. sphincter
          • A part of the spine and the coccyx
          • The entire musculature and
          • The blood vessels in the female pelvis.

          Scope of delivery

          • Female pelvis model, life-size