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          3B Scientific Nose model

          With sinuses

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          Selection: Nasenmodell

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          Nose model from 3B Scientific

          This model represents the structure of the nose with the paranasal sinuses within a right upper face. The magnification makes it particularly detailed and suitable for demonstrating anatomy to students and patients.

          Product details

          • 5-part model with removable elements
          • 1.5x magnification
          • External representation of:
            - External nasal cartilage
            - Nasal, maxillary. Frontal and sphenoid sinus
            - Opened maxillary sinus with removal of zygomatic arch
          • Representation in median section:
            - Nasal cavity covered with mucosa with nasal turbinates (removable)
            - Arteries of the mucosa
            - Olfactory nerves
            - Nerve supply of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity, nasal turbinates and palate

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 3B Scientific nose model