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          DocCheck Anatomical ear model "Auris

          Detailed representation in 1.5 times size

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

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          The delivery will take place between the 26.07.2024 and 30.07.2024

          High-quality and detailed ear model from the DocCheck forge

          Whether it's a shell, a snail, or a lobster, I love listening to you talk about all my nifty details. My sturdy plastic base gives me a keen sense of balance. Put me in your favorite spot - and I'll be the best (and most presentable) listener around! If you want to learn everything important about the anatomy of an ear, just hold your cell phone over my base and the built-in NFC chip will take you to the DocCheck Flexikon. I convince you with the lifelike illustration of the entire auditory apparatus and show you a detailed replica of the ear including the auditory canal in 1.5 times the size. All essential elements and structures are visible down to the smallest detail.  

          Product details

          • Anatomical representation of the outer, middle and inner ear
          • On base
          • Detailed replica of the ear including auditory canal in 1.5 times size
          • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 12 cm
          • Weight: 150g

          I like eco - logical!

          I am not only visually an eye-catcher - I also protect the environment. My shapely body consists of 80% recycled materials. To use my valuable raw materials as efficiently as possible, I am produced by "MultiJet Fusion" - a modern, powder-based 3D printing process. This does not create unnecessary material waste as in a conventional production process, nor does it require injection molds made of metal. So I am not only convincing in terms of quality, but also more sustainable than the competition. What's more, I'm "Made in Germany" - between my birthplace, the DocCheck Lab in Cologne, and your doorstep, I didn't have to travel a long way or have a large carbon footprint. Combined with my organic packaging material, I additionally reduce the use of plastic.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 DocCheck Anatomical Ear Model "Auris" on base

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