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          Dr. No Anatomical ear model

          6-piece and dismountable

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          Package: 1 piece(s)
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          Anatomical ear model

          The anatomical ear model shows the outer, middle and inner ear of a human being in great detail and clearly. The exact representation of the anatomical structures in this anatomical ear model helps the physician to clarify clinical pictures and therapies.

          Product details

          • 6-piece and dismountable ear model
          • Anatomical structures in 3x magnification
          • On white plastic base
          • Representation of:
            • outer ear
            • middle ear with eardrum and ossicles
            • inner ear with 2-part labyrinth including cochlea and organ of equilibrium
          • Material: PVC
          • Dimensions (without base): L 43 x W 24 x H 16 cm

          Delivery contents

          • 1 Anatomical ear model