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          Dr. No Bisexual model torso


          SKU: 400308.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 85 cm

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          Bisexual model torso

          The 40-piece torso model shows the anatomy of both sexes in life size. Both the back section with muscle layers, removable vertebrae and nerves, as well as the abdominal side with open neck and all internal organs are represented in detail by the torso model. Since the individual structures are color-coded, the model torso is particularly suitable for learning human anatomy in studies and training. The model torso is not only used for demonstration in an educational context, but also to support patient discussions. A variety of possible diagnoses and forms of treatment, as well as planned interventions, can be vividly explained.

          Product details

          • 40 parts in exact, detailed representation
          • Life-size, systematically and color-coded
          • Ideal illustrative material in school and university as well as in patient discussions
          • Opened back: Muscle layers, nerve branches and spine with two removable vertebrae to show spinal cord, spinal nerves, 3 meninges
          • Open head: exposed brain
          • Open neck: visible organs and structures
          • Male and female genitals interchangeable
          • Stomach can be disassembled in two parts
          • Mounted on sturdy base
          • Height without base: 85 cm
          • Weight: 10 kg

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 bisexual model torso