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          Erler-Zimmer Training arm for intravenous injection and infusion

          With vein system for artificial blood

          SKU: 303215.5
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: With venous system

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          Training arm for intravenous injection and infusion from Erler-Zimmer

          The training arm is suitable for the education and training of medical professionals. Techniques of intravenous injection and infusion can be demonstrated and trained on the lifelike model arm of an adult. Two fluid-filled tubes under the artificial skin simulate the veins in the crook of the arm, forearm and back of the hand. This allows many applications to be practiced, from palpation of the veins to correct placement of a venous access. The injection arm can be punctured with real cannulas and offers a lifelike puncture sensation. Whether blood sampling from superficially located veins, the i.v. injection or the placement of a infusion catheter is to be simulated - this arm does it all. Skin and veins are interchangeable and the set includes matching accessories, such as fake blood and sealable fluid containers with tripod.

          Product details

          • Injection arm for professional training
          • For simulation of intravenous injection and infusion
          • Incl. arm rest, 4 sealable fluid containers, tripod and artificial blood
          • Realistic application of when taking blood and placing an IV
          • Fluid-filled venous system
          • Life-like stabbing sensation due to high-quality material
          • Puncturable with cannulas
          • For many hundreds of applications
          • Easy to disassemble
          • Artificial blood is reusable
          • Skin of hand and arm as well as veins are exchangeable
          • Material skin: latex

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Erler room training arm for intravenous injection and infusion
          • 1 arm support
          • 4 fluid containers
          • 250 ml artificial blood
          • 1 tripod
          • 1 product manual