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          HeineScientific Skin suture trainer as pad

          Suture trainer for training under realistic conditions

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          Skin suture trainer as pad from HeineScientific

          The skin suture trainer simulates realistic conditions when placing a medical suture. Since the suture trainer is made of special soft PVC in combination with special foam, different suture forms can be practiced and perfected in a protected space. With the skin suture trainer, therefore, there is no need to have a patient present or to buy a training object from the butcher.

          Skin suture trainer as pad - At a glance

          • Skin suture model for learning and perfecting correct suture guidance
          • Demonstrate and practice surgical sutures and knotting techniques
          • Realistic simulation of skin texture
          • Practical pad shape
          • Easy change of skin pad
          • Soft PVC
          • 23 cm x 10 cm
          • incl. velcro strap to attach to arms or legs

          The skin suture trainer: repetitio est mater studiorum

          Skin suture trainers are the optimal simulator for placing surgical sutures. Not only suture techniques and knot forms can be practiced, but also the general handling of the needle holder and the handling of surgical suture material can be tested with the realistic skin model. Since the suture trainer can be easily attached to the arms and legs as a pad, a realistic situation can also be recreated immediately in which the patient's arms and legs do not remain completely still.

          The skin suture trainer consists of a special artificial skin made of soft PVC, which is filled with special foam to correctly represent the lifelike behavior of human skin.

          Scope of delivery

          • Skin suture trainer
          • Velcro strap for skin suture model fixation to extremities