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          3B Scientific Basic nursing doll


          Article ID: P11
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 14,4 kg, 174 cm

          €2,142.00 inc. VAT*
          €1,800.00 ex. VAT*

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          Delivery 14 to 17 days

          The delivery will take place between the 14.10.2023 and 18.10.2023

          Basic nursing doll from 3B Scientific

          The Basic nursing manikin offers a wide range of exercise options for training in basic nursing care. The nursing manikin is movable and can therefore be placed in natural positions. Even when sitting down, the manikin does not need to be supported.

          Basic nursing manikin - At a glance

          • For training basic nursing care
          • Male and female gender
          • Various nursing functions
          • Weight: 19 kg
          • Size: 174 cm
          • Additional delivery of tools for assembly and inserts with wound representation

          Basic nursing manikin - The details

          The following training exercises are possible:

          • Hair care
          • Decubitus care and assessment
          • Wound care and nursing
          • Diabetic foot syndrome
          • Hygiene and oral care exercises
          • Bedding and moving
          • Bandaging and application of wound dressings
          • Irrigation (ear, nose, eye, stomach, intestine, bladder)
          • Injections (intramuscular and subcutaneous)
          • Oxygen administration
          • Care of the tracheostomy orifice

          The nursing manikin is latex-free and, except for the metal articulated joints and movable connections, it is made of durable plastic. The manikin's feet and hands are made of a soft, pliable plastic material, and fingers and toes are individually formed. The material of the scalp is also a soft and pliable plastic material and additionally includes a hard plastic skull, so that it corresponds to the human model.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Basic nursing manikin
          • 1 tool for assembly
          • 2 inserts with wound representation (upper arm and thigh)