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          Erler-Zimmer Nursing manikin standard design


          SKU: W45011
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 14 kg, 109 x 56 x 36 cm

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          Nursing manikin standard design from Erler-Zimmer

          The nursing manikin is suitable for practicing important nursing procedures of nursing and geriatric care training. A variety of clinical procedures can be demonstrated and practiced for nurses and other caregivers. The model is female and can be converted to a male doll by attaching the male genitalia. Nasogastric tube placement and catheterization can be practiced as well as gastro, ileo and transversostomy care as the model has internal reservoirs. The model has stable joints that can be placed in natural positions - pronation and supination of the forearm are also possible. Individually molded fingers and toes for dressing exercises, realistic eyes for applying medications and removing foreign objects allow for a variety of nursing exercises - from beginners to advanced nurses.

          Product details

          • Full body manikin (adult) for nursing training
          • Suitable for nursing teachers
          • Includes wig for combing, washing and head examination
          • Interchangeable male and female genital organs
          • Intramuscular injection sites on the arms and buttocks
          • The following exercise possibilities can be illustrated with the manikin:
            - Vaginal lavage and swabbing exercise
            - Enema exercise
            - Head with wig to practice combing, washing, and head examination
            - IM injection site on buttocks
            - IM and subcutaneous injection sites on left and right arms
            - Instruction opportunity in bowel lavage with stomas connected to internal reservoirs
            - Placement of nasogastric tube
            - Instruction in gastrostomy care, Ileostomy and Transversostomy
            - Interchangeable Male and Female Genital Organs
            - Male and Female Catheterization
            - Openings of Ears, Nose, Tracheostomy, and Gastrostomy
            - Removable Dentures
            - Individually Molded Fingers and Toes for Dressing Exercises
            - Realistic Eyes for Medication Application, Foreign Body Removal, and Eyewash
            - Suprapubic Stoma Care
          • Length: 160 cm
          • Weight: 16 kg

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Erler room nursing manikin standard version