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          Littmann PJ/U-Kurs-Set Cardiology IV – Black Edition

          The complete equipment for examination course and PJ

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Tubing color: Black

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          PJ/U-Kurs-Set Cardiology IV – Black Edition from Littmann

          The little black one for your PJ/U course. The PJ/U-Course Set Cardiology IV in the Black Edition offers you a distinguished eye-catcher with the matt black stethoscope, which is perfectly complemented by the other instruments. With the high-quality PJ/U-course set you have everything you need in medical school: stethoscope, reflex hammer according to Troemner, diagnostic light and venous tourniquet.

          Product details

          • Littmann Cardiology IV Black Edition: stainless steel double-head chestpiece, 1-tube system, two dual-frequency membranes
          • DocCheck Reflex Hammer "Klopp": Neurological grip tip for triggering stretch and skin reflexes, with metal handle
          • DocCheck LED diagnostic light "Blink": Energy-efficient LED illumination, robust metal housing, with clip
          • DocCheck vein tourniquet "Zurr": flexible tourniquet for one-handed tourniquet
          • Please note that only the stethoscope will be engraved if engraving is requested
          • The stethoscope is available in different tube colors

          PJ/U-Course Set Cardiology IV Black Edition - Black elegance

          Everything you need for the examination course or the practical year can be found in this PJ/U-course set: In addition to a high-quality stethoscope from Littmann, a reflex hammer according to Troemner, diagnostic light and vein tourniquet from DocCheck are also included and are just waiting to be used.

          The Cardiology IV stethoscope in the Black Edition from Littmann impresses not only colleagues with its matte design, but also your patients with its quality. The Black Edition immerses the Cardiology IV in matte black. This color coating also makes the stethoscope suitable for allergy sufferers. The noble discretion of the stethoscope is also reflected in the selectable tube colors. With its dual-frequency membranes located on the sides of the chestpiece, you achieve the highest precision when auscultating patients. The stethoscope is suitable for listening to both children and adults. A cold ring can easily replace the membranes so that the pediatric side of the chestpiece can be converted to an open funnel.

          The "Klopp" reflex hammer from DocCheck not only has a sturdy metal handle, but also features a relatively heavy hammer head. This allows you to use gravity when checking your patient's reflexes to always strike with the same force and thus achieve comparable results. The reflex hammer has a neurological grip tip, as well as two different rubber inserts at the ends of the head for good examination results. Therefore, you are well equipped with the reflex hammer from DocCheck.

          The DocCheck diagnostic light "Blink" is very energy efficient due to its LED and easy to transport thanks to its size and material. The metal housing makes it both sturdy and easy to clean, while its LED illumination is ideal for diagnosing the throat.

          The vein tourniquet "Zurr" from DocCheck is of high quality workmanship and will be your faithful companion through your studies.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Littmann Cardiology IV Black Edition in the selected tube color
          • 1 DocCheck reflex hammer "Klopp" in silver
          • 1 DocCheck LED diagnostic light "Blink" in silver
          • 1 DocCheck vein tourniquet "Zurr
          Service options: Laser engraving

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